OS 1167: Captains, Kings and Gales

The guys started off the show with a HUGE surprise: a visit from retiring Navy Captain Dr. John Todd Widergren.  We were honored to spend some time with a 39-year veteran of our armed forces, have a bunch of fun and hear some great stories from exotic locations to crazy surgery situations, to getting seasick on an aircraft carrier, as well as a NASTY one involving a treble hook and a barracuda.  Well, once the callers started chiming in, the conversation blossomed into all kinds of Navy stories – but you’ll have to listen to see how sideways the conversation got.

Capt. Dr. Widergren wasn’t our only guest, however. Capt. Paul Dozier stopped by to talk about Old School Kingfish Shootout.  If you were holed up last year (understandably), you missed out on one of the most innovative, enjoyable, and critically acclaimed tournaments in recent memory.  Well, it’s back this year and it’s even better.  Listen in to get all the details and how you can be a part of it.  He also brought in some breakfast from Buc-ee’s…so there was a little chatter about that amazing place, too.

Throughout the show, of course, the guys were talking about fishing, and specifically talked about the effects of the Nor’easter that came through.  But then, Jeff made mention that somebody should put out a map of all the great fishing spots.  Oh boy…did that cause a stir, along with people sending in maps of their own (check out the Facebook page for Geoff Stamm’s instant classic)!

Here’s your L.V. Hiers gear tip of the week: Using the right surf fishing rig is critical to having success! You can find Captains Choice Tackle at some of your local bait and tackle shops including Strike-Zone Fishing Jacksonville, Hagan Coastal Outfitters and Yulee.

Here’s your Ring Power CAT tip of the week: Post your best Kingfish picture below to enter to win a free entry into the Old School Kingfish Shootout. Winner will be announced next Saturday LIVE on the Nimnicht Family of Dealerships Outdoors Show!

Here’s your Kirbyco Builders Inc. cooking tip of the week: Surf fish dinner!  Nothing better than fresh caught whiting covered in our classic Mayo/mustard base and rolled in Panko bread crumbs and Parmesan cheese. Bake it at 425 degrees until crispy. Tune in to hear Jeff tell you how he made this yummy dinner.