OS 1317: Guest-a-Mania, Spring Edition with Dr. White and Tru Luvin’ Fishing!

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Well, it’s the first day of turkey in Georgia. And in an amazing coincidence, Capt. Kevin came down with a case of avian flu (if you know, you know).  So, with Kevin “under the weather”, Capt. Kirk and Jeff asked some special guests to come in: Domenic Paniccia of Tru Luvin’ Fishing and Dr. Quinton White from JU!

IN AN OUTDOORS SHOW FIRST…Capt. Kevin called in from the blind and called two birds in while on the air! He also called back later in the show to give all the dirty details of Day One.

Domenic, a pro kayak fisherman and guide, as well as a 27-year veteran of the Clay County Sheriff’s Office, shared all kinds of great kayak fishing stories, and Dr. White dropped all kinds of knowledge (as he always does).

Dr. White dropped all kinds of knowledge about marine life, provided some expert insight into the latest issues in our waters (and beyond), gave us an OCEARCH update, introduced the crew to the term “cow-paddling”, and dropped a bit of a bomb on us with a personal update!  In case you didn’t know, Dr. White is a Jacksonville University Professor of Marine Biology and the Executive Director of Jacksonville University’s Marine Science Research Institute. Find out more about Dr. White

Tru Luvin’ Fishing is a top-notch kayak fishing charter business, as well as a super-fun content brand.

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