OS 1303: Merry Christmas And Happy Outdoor-ing!

Capt. Kevin and Capt. Kirk were back in the studio this week while Jeff called in, and they talked a whole lot about the Christmas show, the weather, fishing the river, and some hunting, of course.

Merry Christmas!

  • Here’s your L.V. Hiers gear tip of the week: Always a good idea to be prepared especially during the holidays! Prepared Hero Emergency Fire Blanket – 4 Pack – Fire Suppression Blanket for Kitchen, 40” x 40” Fire Blanket for Home, Fiberglass Fire Blanket.
  • Here’s your Ring Power CAT tip of the week: Support your local charter captains! Get your loved ones a gift certificate for a fishing charter.
Captain Kevin: 904-669-6251
Captain Kirk: 904-626-1128
Captain Leon Dana: 904-591-8906
Captain Chip Wingo: 904-614-4989
Captain Cory Sparks: 716-307-7654
Captain Scott Shank: 904-669-9940
Captain Ricky Poupore: 386-937-4125
Captain Rob Bennet: 407-417-2132
Captain Chad Starling: 904-502-7408
Captain Steve Mullen: 904-463-3998
  • Here’s your KirbyCo Builders, Inc cooking tip of the week: Captain Kirk’s Christmas Crab Soup
Qt 1/2 & 1/2 Pint Heavy cream
16 oz Crab
1 lg sweet onion
1 lg garlic clove
1 stick of butter
1 stick bok choy
1 shallot
Tbs Garlic powder
Flour (any)
White Wine
Chicken Bouillon cube
Sauté onions and shallots after dicing in butter and a splash of white wine until done. Place off to side. Heat 1/2 gallon of water with one chicken bouillon cube and saute diced garlic and butter with a splash of wine until done. Place off to side. Chop bok choy into small pieces and saute in butter until somewhat done and place in chic stock pot. Add all ingredients into stock ( onions, garlic etc..) and add cream and 1/2 & 1/2. Add crab and stir gently. Mix flour and melted butter for roux and add to soup until thickened under a low boil. Serve with crackers or a nice french baguette. Add sherry for a nice touch.