OS 1222: Goin’ Old School

It’s Old School Kingfish Tournament Day, so Capt. Kevin and Capt. Kirk hit the water to see if they could win it. With them on the water, Jeff called in some reinforcements – Capt. Chip Wingo and Chef Gordon!

As you would think, there was a ton of talk about the Old School, with updates coming from our guys, along with Dave Edwards and listeners, too. Founder Paul Dozier even checked in, as busy as he was, and he said 521 boats were entered! Amazing.

But it wasn’t all about the Old School – Jeff had a great story about an amazing find in one of his favorite shooting houses. Listen in to find out who decided to make a home out of it!

Here’s your L.V. Hiers gear tip of the week: Zeiss Lens Wipes are great for cleaning sunglasses on the boat/yak $12.87 on Amazon!

Here’s your Ring Power CAT tip of the week: Go by and get some great deals at Hagan Ace Hardware and Hagan Coastal Outfitters during their 60th Anniversary Sale! Today is the final day! See the full sales flyer here:



Here’s your Kirbyco Builders Inc. cooking tip of the week:

Chef Gordon’s Meatloaf

-3lbs ground meat(venison is best)

-3 slices white bread (no crust)

-2tbsp of Lawry’s garlic salt

-2tbsp of Lawry’s seasoned salt (red)

-1tbsp of black pepper

-1 cup of Progresso Italian bread crumbs

-1 cup of Cattleman’s Carolina Tangy Gold BBQ Sauce

-1/4 cup of beef base Better Than Bullion, or beef stock or broth.

Spread meat on a sheet pan. Add the bread to the beef base (stock or broth) then, add all the ingredients to the meat, as evenly as possible, except the Carolina Gold sauce. Mix ingredients into meat without squeezing the meat. Do not knead your meat!! (Like Jeff does) The intent is to not compact the meat or firm it up. Add Caroline Gold, mix gently, reserve a little to drizzle on top, and bake in 9″ x 13″ pan at 375° for 25 minutes. Important that the meat isn’t more than about 2.5″ thick or the outer portion will be dry and well done.