OS 1166: Sideways Like a Sprint Car

Sometimes, Outdoors Show episodes come off without a hitch.  Take last week, for example: Dr. Quenton White comes in, and the episode is packed top to bottom, stem to stern, with information, insight and leaves every listener a better person for having listened.  Kind of like the Mona Lisa – a 100% masterpiece.
This is episode is more that painting of dogs playing poker.  But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t fun!
Yes, Capt. Kevin, Capt. Kirk and Jeff talked fishing and food plots and food (no surprise there), but things were pretty much going sideways right out of the shoot. Be warned…there are multiple Bumper Dumper sightings, including some detailed analysis of the Bumper Dumper Bucket variant, with all available accessories.  And the callers didn’t help either – Gary tried his hand at out-Top Gunning Top Gun, which didn’t work. Mitch followed up in rare form to point out Gary’s missteps (just listen for the crickets).  Top Gun did eventually call in and dropped a good one on us again, and Lester put Bighead on the phone…who sounded more like “Bighead-ache” based on his shenanigans for his final night of leave.
A masterpiece? Heck no.  But hey – the OS faithful may not know much about art, but they know what they like.  And we’re betting you’ll like this episode, too!