OS 1165: State of the First Coast with Dr. Quenton White

Well, we’d say Capt. Kevin was doing some OSR (Outdoors Show Research), but he himself told us he “playing hookie,” so we’re not about to lie about it.  Although we’re sure he was having fun, he missed out on a fantastic show!

Dr. Quenton White joined Capt. Kirk and Jeff for this episode, and as is the case with every visit, he shared some tremendous information and insight into everything going on in First Coast Waters.  He also answered listener questions throughout the episode, covering an amazing scope of topics and issues: the Piney Point disaster, natural and artificial reefs and their fisheries, red snapper, barge mishaps, dredging and more.

For the record, Capt. Kevin also missed out on some great food – Dr. White’s venison casserole and Tera’s World Famous Zucchini Bread!