OS 1163: LIVE from the Jacksonville Boat Show

The guys were live from the Jacksonville Boat Show on this episode, except for Capt. Kirk, who was sporting his pom-poms and cheering on his soccer superstar granddaughter.  In a first, Boat Show organizers held it at a new location: Metro Park Marina downtown.  Lots of amazing boats, and lots of fun being outside for a change!

Friend of the show and all-around super-smart guy, Dr. Quenton White (who also happens to be Executive Director, Marine Science Research Institute and Professor of Biology and Marine Science at Jacksonville University) called in to talk about some local and national aquatic environmental issues.  Dr. White called these issues “catastrophic” – a word he doesn’t use liberally.  Listen in to get the details.

Erin Johnson, Administrative Director of the Jacksonville Marine Association, sat in with Capt. Kevin and Jeff to talk about the boat show, fishing the First Coast, and more.  She shared a lot of important info, however business picked up when she introduced us to a new term: “Charlie Foxtrot”.  Listen to get some clues about what that means…