OS 1324: Moccasins, Motorcycles and Outdoor Comedy

It’s a general rule that, if you spend time in the woods or in the water, you’re not happy to run into a snake.  None of us are fans, but most species are, at the very least, tolerable. Well, if you’re talking about a moccasin, NOBODY likes those evil monsters.  Capt. Kevin had to dispatch one in his yard last week, and Chris had to take one out just yesterday!

But there was SO much more to talk about – from motorcycles in the mud, to incredible fishing stories, to all kinds of laughs with comedian and outdoorsman Scott Whatley ( on X at @ScottWhatleyComedy )!

  • Here’s your L.V. Hiers gear tip of the week: Work smarter and not harder! Remover and driver will save you time and energy. Click HERE for the puller and HERE for the driver.
  • Here’s your Ring Power CAT tip of the week! Make sure you get signed up for the Old School Kingfish Shootout! If you sign up before the end of the month only $250!
  • Here’s your KirbyCo Builders, Inc cooking tip of the week: Crispy air-fryer chicken teriyaki bowls…get the recipe HERE!