OS 1296: Hot and Cold, Good and Bad…

It’s a bye week for the Jaguars, so you can bet Jeff was gone…doing some OSR in the middle of deer season!  Capt. Scott Shank from the Ringpower Fishing Forecast came in once again to join the party, and there was quite a bit to chat about.

The weather is definitely changing, and this past week turned pretty nasty (as you probably know).  Honestly, how long has it been like this?  The guys talked about that, and if it there was an end in sight for the anglers listening.  As for the hunters – conditions are pretty good, but how has the hunting?  Listen in to find out…

  • Here’s your L.V. Hiers gear tip of the week: This heated hunting vest from Snow Leopard will keep you toasty warm without having to use a lot of layers. Go to Amazon to check it out!
  • Here’s your Ring Power CAT tip of the week: SAVE THE DATE and join us for our next 2 LIVE remotes: November 18th at Hagan Ace Hardware of Callahan https://hagancoastaloutfitters.com/…/hco-2023-holiday…/ and December 16th at Ring Power CAT in Saint Augustine.
  • Here is your KirbyCo Builders, Inc cooking tip of the week from Captain Kirk!
    Capt Kirk’s BBQ Venison Medallions
    1 pkg of venison shoulder 21/4 lbs diced 2in pieces
    2 Vidalia onions
    3 cups of ketchup
    2 tbs garlic powder
    2 tbs of Worcestershire sauce
    1/4 cup of brown sugar
    2 teaspoons of mustard ( Frenchs)
    1 cup of flour
    1 cup corn starch
    1/4 cup of peanut oil
    Slice, cut up onion, and sauté the onion in tbs of oil…. place off to side
    Put ketchup, brown sugar, mustard, garlic powder and Worcestershire in large skillet pan and simmer on low heat slowly combining onions.
    In another pan brown the medallions after they have been dusted with flour/ corn starch in the remaining oil till all sides have been browned. Slowly marry the sauce into the pan with the medallions. Simmer on the stove on low heat for approximately 1 hour.
    Serve over rice or with mashed potatoes