OS 1253: Huntin’, Fishin’, Football and Paul Wane!!

The gang was back in the studio for a special episode of the Outdoors Show. Of course, the guys are always talking outdoors, but with the Jags hosting a PLAYOFF game later on, it was hard not to talk football.

So what’s an hunter when deer season cranks down? The guys talked about all the options to get us through until we can start dropping some osceolas. Kirk also talked about last week’s deer hunt that kept him out of the studio last week.

Kirk also told everybody about the incredible fishing he experienced over the past several days. If you want to know how to blow the minds of people visiting from Pennsylvania to fish…this is the story for you!

From the “Saving The Best For Last” Department, you know that amazing rendition of the national anthem Paul Wane delivered on the electric guitar before the Titans game? Well, Paul joined the show to talk about the experience…and play the anthem for us! He also talked about his Guitars for Kids Foundation, his band “Duval County Line”, and the Paul Wane Experience. Visit https://www.paulwanemusic.com/ to learn more about them all!

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