OS 1223: Old Dads and the Old School

First and foremost, from all of us, Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! Please know we appreciate and respect you and your efforts to be the best fathers you can…and for teaching the next generation to enjoy and take care of the outdoors!

When you’ve got something as cool as the Old School Kingfish Shootout happening, it kind of stays top-of-mind before, during and after. With that said, the boys spent a bunch of time recapping their experience in the Old School. Paul Dozier stopped in to get deep in the weeds, and we even heard from the Sam Spinks, winner of the Nimnicht $10,000 drawing…and what an incredible, must-listen kind of story!

But it wasn’t ALL Old School – Jeff shared a scary kayak fishing story…along with several great tips for anyone who uses a kayak. Kayak Mike then called in to double down on the tips Jeff shared, and provided a few of his own. 100% worth the listen for ANYBODY who wants to make it happen in a yak!

Here’s your L.V. Hiers gear tip of the week from Captain Leon Dana: A trash can topper makes for a great 5-gallon bucket cover

Here’s your Ring Power CAT tip of the week: It’s HOT! 
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