OS 1168: Whatever You Do…

It was a busy episode with a couple great guests and LOTS to talk about.  Out of the gate, the guys were joined by Butch White, President of North FL Archers.  Butch was live in-studio to talk about the organization and an exciting event coming up – an Archery Shooters Association State Qualifier.  After talking with Butch, the guys talked to Brian Rehwinkel of FWC Outreach and Education.  It’s Boater Safety Week, and Brian shared quite a few tips on making this week a safe and fun time on the water.  Remember what Kevin ALWAYS says: “whatever you do in the outdoors, think safety first.”

When the guys weren’t talking to the guests, they were talking to callers, and everybody’s been talking about fishing – the weather, the bite, and the anticipation of being able to actually enjoy offshore fishing again.  But that wasn’t all – somehow, Portuguese Man O’Wars made the show (watch out for some cringeworthy stories there), hot rods and muscle cars made a drive-by, and Capt. “Dr. Kirk” Waltz let us know where your hamstring is located…and it’s not where you think!

Here’s your L.V. Hiers gear tip of the week: Gill’s waterproof rain jackets are top of the line for breathability and durability. Worth every penny.  https://www.gillfishing.com/pro-tournament-3-layer/

Here’s your Ring Power CAT tip of the week: It looks as though next week we will be able to venture offshore. Make sure all your kingfish gear is in order. Check your downrigger and downrigger ball, make sure your sea anchor is on the boat, and make sure you have plenty of kingfish rigs.

Here’s your Kirbyco Builders Inc. cooking tip of the week: Jeff says this is the perfect combo… Captain Kirk’s fish dip, tiger sauce and Buc-ee’s sizzling saltines!!  If you can’t make the drive to get them you can find them here:

Buc-ees Sizzling Saltines Spicy Crackers in a Resealable Container, 5 Ounces: